Morton's ready for a stint in England 

Source: Daily Liberal

RSL-COLTS captain Chris Morton admits he is looking forward to the challenge of playing cricket in England during the Australian winter, after recently being selected to take part in an exchange program set up by the Colts club.

The same program which saw all-rounder Greg Buckley join Colts this season will take Morton to the Holmsford Cricket Club in April, where he will play in the same competition but not the same team as Buckley.

"We'll go from teammates to rivals pretty quickly but that will be okay," Morton said. "It's pretty exciting for me to get selected by the club to go, especially after they made me first grade captain this year as well."

“I’m looking forward to it but we still have a job to do here before I worry about England too much.”

While he is currently focused on trying to get Colts into another grand final, Morton has had to organise himself for the six-month trip, including the hasty organisation of the most important thing needed for his first overseas trip.

“I’ve never been out of Australia so I didn’t have a passport. We’ve had to get in and make sure I got that in plenty of time,” he said.

“The rest of the stuff will take care of itself I think when I get closer to leaving.

“I think the first thing I will have to do when I get over there is organise myself a playing kit because from what Greg told me it’s almost impossible to take your own gear.

“Because of all the dirt on bats and shoes etcetera they can either bleach your gear, which can ruin it a bit, or you get new stuff over there.”

Colts secretary Mick Davis said the player exchange had helped the club develop contacts in England and he hopes other Dubbo clubs will look at similar deals.

“It takes a bit of organising but the concept itself is pretty simple,” Davis said.

“Chris will go over there to play cricket primarily but they have also found him work in a sports coaching capacity.

“His accommodation is organised and he can basically get over there and he’s set up.

“That was the same as what we did for Greg. We set him up with a job and accommodation and he has boosted cricket in Dubbo, both in the seniors and juniors, and been important for our rep side and Western Zone as well.

“All it really cost our club was the price of the flights to get him here and home again at the end of the season.”

Davis said the true impact of the player swap will be felt when Morton returns to Dubbo prior to the next Whitney Cup season.

“Chris will play a really solid standard of cricket over there, almost professional cricket,” Davis said.

RSL-Colts all-rounder and captain Chris Morton will travel to England in April to take up a six-month playing stint. Photo: JOSH HEARD

RSL-Colts all-rounder and captain Chris Morton will travel to England in April to take up a six-month playing stint. Photo: JOSH HEARD

“What he will learn he will be able to bring back to our club next season and hopefully boost our club and the standard across all of Dubbo.”