World record shearers prepare for next year's competition

Three sport shearers are preparing to set a world record next year to shear 1200 merino ewes within eight hours.

The attempt will take place at Parkdale, Dubbo next year on April 5. 

One of those shearers is Steve Mudford from Muddy's Quality Shearing.

He said they had done some light preparations but would progress to heavier training as the date drew closer.

"Shearing sheep is like running a marathon,"?he said. 

"I don't know how many calories we burn but it is pretty full on."

Mr Mudford has been shearing since he was 21 years old. Now aged 38, he says he does it for the love of the job.

"It is very competitive,"?he said.

"We encourage our shearers to do a lot of weekend shearing competitions, which is very good motivation and gets a lot of young people in the industry. You also get the opportunity to represent the country."

Mr Mudford's passion for shearing and the sheep and wool industry has taken him around the world eight times, winning four sport and 15 speed shear competitions.

"Muddy's Quality Shearing just got brand new shearing quarters based in Gilgandra and Girilambone that can accommodate 20 people," he said. 

The shearing quarters has a shed, cool room and is fully airconditioned to ensure maximum employee comfort and convenience. 

"Some of our shearers shear up to 300 sheep a day so it's important a fast team that quickly gets a job done have a comfortable living area to make them happy," he said.

If you are looking for a clean, honest reliable team, contact Steven Mudford (Muddy's Quality Shearing).