Local shearers aiming to set world record

Shearers from the central west will set a world shearing record in April next year.

Steve Mudford and his team from Muddy Shearing are setting the record for the most Merino ewes shorn in eight hours by three shearers.

Planning is under way for the exciting event to be held at Parkdale outside of Dubbo.

"It's pretty good, we're meeting once a month to plan and all is going well. There's a fair bit involved," event organiser and shearer Steve Mudford said.

The event requires judges, caterers and well-cared for sheep.

"We need to make sure the sheep are right, we'll be crutching them shortly," Mr Mudford said. "We're expecting a big crowd so there's the caterers and the cool rooms."

The shearers are training for the event to make sure they're at peak health. This title hasn't been claimed before, so no matter how many ewes the trio shear they will set the world record.

"We'll still go as hard as we can, there's just no pressure. We're attempting 1200 Merino ewes so that's 400 sheep per man," Mr Mudford said. "I'm doing it to improve myself (in shearing) and have a goal. I won't mind having my name in the Guinness Book of Records though and it'll give other young blokes the chance to beat it.