Farmy Army helps drought stricken farmers

Farmers in drought stricken areas of NSW and QLD have been given a helping hand as volunteer tradies have come out to help with maintenance and repair works around the property.

The Farmy Army came about from the Buy a Bale campaign, when co-ordinator Charles Adler realised drought stricken farmers were struggling to keep up with infrastructure repairs.

“Hay is great but I just thought 'what else can we do?',” Mr Adler said.

“Farmers don't have the money to pay for trades.”

“This is a good way to get skills based trades to the bush, that aren't in the bush,” he said.

Mr Adler thought of the idea to form the Farmy Army when he and his wife were driving back to their hometown after visiting drought stricken farmers in QLD.

“The cricket world has the Barmy Army and I just thought why don't we get a farm army.”

The volunteers were first sent out to the north western region of Goodooga and Lightning Ridge, and have also helped farmers in Mitchell, QLD.

Mr Adler said a variety of work has been done to help farmers, including electrical work to houses, repairing motor bikes and quad bikes and fixing roof on sheds.

“If we can knock off a combination of small and big jobs it makes a significant difference,” Mr Adler said.

“It all adds up.”