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Tablelands Premier Meats owner Stephen Tamplin, Pride of Oak, Canowindra. Photo: Contributed
Tablelands Premier Meats owner Stephen Tamplin, Pride of Oak, Canowindra. Photo: Contributed

Delivering exceptional high-quality service and customer satisfaction is the aim of Tablelands Premier Meats, an on-farm fully licenced abattoir and meat processor near Canowindra in the Central West.

Owned by Stephen and Dorothy Tamplin, the dual-licence micro abattoir processes its own naturally grown animals, and provides service kills of sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, chickens, ducks and turkeys for other growers.

With a PhD degree in health science, Stephen has a holistic approach to health.

“What I promote in health care is what I try to do in the paddock,” he said.

“I want to eat clean, chemical-free, good, healthful meat so I grow and process my own animals in a chemical-free environment.”

As a fully-qualified and accredited NSW Food Authority Meat Safety Officer, Stephen is passionate about complying with food safety rules and regulations.

Born in England, he moved to Australia with his family when he was about two years-old in the 1950’s. He was 14 years of age when he first became involved in agriculture, growing out calves and chickens.

Stephen was later employed with the Department of Agriculture in Tasmania, and has always been interested in providing chemical-free, clean food.

After establishing an on-farm butchery and out-sourcing the kills, Stephen decided to take greater control of his product.

He redeveloped his premises, and in 2013 received his abattoir licence, which was how Tablelands Premier Meats began.

The abattoir is located on his property ‘Pride of Oak’, running a small herd of 200 dorpers, 30-40 boar goats, pigs, Angus x cattle and chickens, ducks and turkeys.

The abattoir has zero chemicals in its processing.

“Meat shouldn’t have chemicals applied,” he said.

“Once it’s been killed it should be able to age and its colour darkens naturally, pink meat after two weeks implies chemical treatment”.

Tablelands Premier Meats has clients from Victoria, throughout the Central West of NSW, the ACT, the Far West, the Hunter Valley region and South Coast, and the local area around Canowindra.

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Not only is the company able to do private kills, but it provides services such as butchering, packing, and labelling the meat products.

“We are a processing point for a lot of retail, value- adding small growers,” Stephen said.

“There are many meat retail farmers relying on our facility. We cater for the individual needs of the clients. There’s no limit to the cut types we do, it’s what the customer wants.

“And we get good feedback about what we do.

“We sell on-farm, at local farmers markets and do home delivery within our local area.”

Tablelands Premier Meats regularly hosts information days where Stephen shares his experiences and basic information on how and why he set up a private meat processing facility to suit his own needs and markets. 

He also provides consultancy to like-minded growers wanting to process their stock.

Fore more information Stephen can be contacted on 0447712370.

You can also visit the website at