DPI officer comes across huge ‘roo

Although Lake Victoria Department of Primary Industries officer Peter Teasdale may have been checking for wild dogs in southwest NSW, what really caught his attention was a two metre ‘roo.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

While checking cameras that monitor wild dog activity he saw the large kangaroo and while many of us may have been a little apprehensive, Mr Teasdale said he wasn’t scared.

“I wasn't scared at any stage.  He was just putting on a display to let me know he was the ‘boss’ around there,” he said.

 “I always feel privileged when I get to see such a magnificent specimen of any species.”

Mr Teasdale said he has seen a few kangaroos of similar size, however the one in question was a fine example of an “old man roo”.

“He seemed quite confident (and why wouldn't he be).  I just went about my business and didn't do anything to challenge his authority,” he said.

Last year the Western Magazine was lucky enough to see a very big steer!

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