Get on top of liver fluke

As the first frosts set in, it is the ideal time to drench stock for liver fluke.

TIMING: Frosty weather is the ideal time for drenching.

TIMING: Frosty weather is the ideal time for drenching.

Chemicals are available to treat internal parasites such as liver fluke, and timing the chemicals right can really enhance their effect.

Liver fluke is an internal parasite that lives in the bile ducts of cattle, sheep and goats and has a complex life cycle involving a snail called Lymnea tomentosa.

Liver fluke can be treated using chemicals known as flukicides.

Flukicides should be used strategically to minimise pasture contamination and to most effectively kill the stage of fluke present in the stock. It should be noted that withholding periods apply.

The snail cannot survive frosty conditions, so consider administrating flukicides following the first frosts.

Producers should talk to their veterinarian for specific recommendations for an effective and economical fluke control plan for their property.

For further information please contact your local vet.