Mayor says shire only limited by imagination with Inland Rail

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Although not much is known about the Inland Rail in Narromine, including the definite route, mayor Craig Davies has said the shire needs to seize the opportunities that are on their way.

Cr Davies said the potential of the shire is only limited by imagination.

“We have so many natural attributes to draw upon even without the Inland Rail, which will simply enhance a long overdue expansion and development of the shire,” he said. 

“It is hard for me to envisage what industries will take advantage of the opportunities we hope to create but I have no doubt there are many surprises in store for us and some that will really stretch the limits of our imagination.” 

Regional Development Australia (RDA) executive officer Megan Dixon agrees there will be development in Narromine with the implementation of the Inland Rail.

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“It can be assumed that some development will occur in Narromine around the opportunity,” she said. 

“If Narromine has an intermodal hub, as the planning for Inland Rail suggests, then it’s likely that freight consolidation and distribution will become a significant opportunity for the shire.”

Ms Dixon said the hub should result in more jobs during the build and during the operational phase as well. 

“From a regional perspective RDA Orana hopes that the improved access to export markets will result in further industry development, capitalising on the opportunities being presented in China and India. Our region is well placed in terms of ag development for this,” she said.

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Cr Davies believes the landscape of the shire will change as the Inland Rail comes into place.

“We will see an entirely different landscape in the next decade as the jobs come with development and growth,” he said. 

“I hope to see many local businesses giving serious thought to how to get involved.”

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