Phil and Zoe Barnard's few seconds of Origin fame

The 72nd minute of Wednesday’s State of Origin match at ANZ stadium was a big one for local couple Phil and Zoe Barnard.

Out of a crowd of 82,000 screaming fans, they were two of only a handful who made it onto the big screen. 

“A decision went our way so I stood up and cheered,” Phil said. 

“I saw myself straight away! And I could see Zoe to my right booing and giving a thumbs down,” he laughed. 

I got a few messages - only about 70 from Parkes! My phone was running hot!

Phil Barnard

“My phone started buzzing in my pocket immediately but I couldn’t answer it because it was just way too loud.

“I got a few messages - only about 70 from Parkes! My phone was running hot!

“I was pretty excited, but only one of our three kids was watching the game on TV!”

Their appearance during the game's live coverage made for some lively Facebook banter among their family and friends on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

This is the fourth year in a row Phil and Zoe have travelled to Sydney for a State of Origin match with friends Joe Van Opynen and Tahlia Henry. 

Zoe is the only Queensland supporter in the group.

“The first year we went to Sydney, NSW won the series,” Phil said. 

“We thought we were their good luck charm for a while, but it hasn’t worked out that way.”

Phil loves his footy and is a huge Bulldogs supporter with Hazem Elmasri being his all-time favourite player. 

“Probably everyone knows that already though because I have Bulldog plates on my ute,” he said. 

The group travelled to Sydney on Wednesday and stayed in Darling Harbour overnight. 

“We had a great time, we had dinner and a few beers before the game,” Phil said. 

“It was a huge crowd, we didn’t get back to the motel until around midnight.”