Threat to shoot neighbour

A 26-year-old woman who assaulted an 85-year-old man has been released from custody and given two seven-month suspended jail sentences.

Alana Gloria Bagnall of Oberon Street, Eugowra, appeared in Orange Local Court via video link last Monday on charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and stalking or intimidation.

Bagnall was arrested on June 17 following the assault and was held in custody on remand until her court appearance and was represented by solicitor Nidal Abdi.

Although she claimed during her arrest that she was assaulted by the victim, Bagnall pleaded guilty to the two charges.

“It’s not safe for me here, I got jumped because of my Italian accent,” Bagnall told sentencing magistrate Terry Lucas.

“If you breach [the bonds] you go to jail for up to seven months,” Mr Lucas said.

According to police facts, Bagnall went to the elderly man’s house in Oberon Street, Eugowra, at 2.20pm on June 17, because she was angry about him burning a pile of leaves in his yard.

Police said she yelled at him for burning the leaves close to a fence and when he told her to leave she threatened him with a long-handled metal rake and in response he picked up a metal bar.

Facts provided to the court said she put down the rake but said “I’ve got a gun, I’ll shoot you, you old bastard,” and “I’ll kill you”. 

An altercation followed with her throwing a rock that narrowly missed him.

He yelled out for neighbours to call police.

Then she grabbed his shirt and neck and he grabbed her hair to prevent himself from falling over. 

When police arrived they found scratches and red marks on the man’s face and neck.

Scam warning

In unrelated news police have issued a new scam warning.

“It’s the same scam where someone claiming to represent the Australian Taxation Office calls asking for details,” Inspector Cooper said. 

”Do not provide any information and hang up.”