Market report, Wednesday, July 12

Cootamundra Saleyards and Associated Agents held their fortnightly sale on Wednesday with a yarding of 3992 head, down 2500 on the previous sale.

The market was made up of 2555 lambs, 889 mutton, 270 new season lambs, 146 hoggets, 20 rams and 121 wethers.

Top price of the day went to K l and SM Berryman of Stockinbingal with a fine pen of XB lambs making $176.   

With an estimated CW of 28.5kg and carrying a $6 skin, they came back at $6/kg CW and were knocked down to Wangaratta Processors.

Dave and Anne Tozer of Wallendbeen presented more new season lambs and they were well rewarded as they made $127.

With an estimated CW of 17.5kg CW and carrying a $5 jacket they came back at $7.05/kg CW.

Other quotes

  • 24-26kg CW lambs made $160-$165 to be firm
  • 22-24kg CW trade lambs made $145-$150
  • 20-23kg CW trade lambs made $135-$140
  • 16-20kg CW lambs made $90-$115, up $5

Most of the above lambs were $5.80 to $6.20/kg CW.

The mutton market had some fluctuating prices. 

Heavy old ewes with a big jacket reached a top of $150 or about $4.40/kg CW.

Medium framed mutton was most effected and they made from $110.

Light boner mutton made $40-$60. 

All mutton averaged $110.50 per head and sold between $4.20 and $4.50/kg CW.

Hoggets were cheaper and made a top of $140.

Next sale is July 26 from 8.30am.

  • Quotations by Saleyards Manager Jeff White.