LLS board members meeting

Local Land Services board members met in Dubbo this week for a two day meeting to discuss a range of topics as they begin their role with the organisation.

The board members comprise of 34 people who were successfully elected in June and the 45 people appointed by Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair.

Dubbo was one of three locations where board members of the LLS were meeting, the others were in Tamworth and Wagga Wagga.

The meeting in Dubbo comprised of LLS board members form the central west, the central tablelands, western and Greater Sydney.

Acting Chair of the LLS Board Richard Bull said the 79 local board members were a vital link between the organisation and communities it serves. 

“What we’ve started to do is bring together all of the directors from the 11 regions… across the three locations,” Mr Bull said.

“The reason is to firstly give the new directors, and their are quite a few new directors, a proper understanding of corporate governance, where their space is and where their operational space is in the organisation.

“It comes back to allowing managers to manage. And board and directors being strategic.”

Mr Bull said many people have come into the LLS not understanding their space within the organisation which has created problems in the past.

“We attempted this (meeting) three years ago in Dubbo where all of the board members were brought together. But it was more of 101 on the LLS rather than targeting governance, so this time round we’ve concentrated on governance,” Mr Bull said.

“Governance can be an issue if we dint make sure everyone properly understands their role. And it has been an issue in the past.”

Chair of the Central West LLS Board Susan Madden said to have the opportunity to have four regions here was  rare, but that it was a great way to share ideas and network.

“It’s good to hear some of the practices and process that some of the other boards are doing including how they set up community advisory groups…,” she said.

“Having an opportunity such as this to come together and find out where our respective skills, interests and experience lies as LLS representatives has been invaluable.”