Make hay while son shines

If you asked Ross Noble who is his hero it would be safe to say his answer would be his father, Andrew.

Some of Ross’ earliest memories were being out on a tractor on the family property, ‘Rawsonville’, between Narromine and Dubbo, with his father where he first learnt to stack bales of lucerne. 

“Its fair to say that my Dad has been a big influence on my involvement and want to build a career within the agricultural industry,” he said.

“Dad has always done a bit of contracting mainly being baling little bales for the neighbours around his property.

“He found it a good way to add to the farming business and safeguard his income.”

Ross, 20, is a third generation farmer, and went to High School in Narromine, but said it wasn’t his cup of tea.

“I would always try to con Dad into letting me have the day off to help him out with doing work around the farm,” he said.

The ball really started rolling after his principal suggested Ross would benefit undertaking work experience and enrolling in a Certificate II in Agriculture.

“I then went and worked on a broad acre farm at Nyngan casually for two years during the sowing and harvest seasons. I enjoyed doing this but always had dreams of working for myself,” Ross said.

“It was after this that Dad and I decided to expand on his contracting work and build it into a proper business. Noble’s Ag Contracting was established in 2013 under a partnership model.

“I was almost 18 at this point and couldn’t have been keener.”

Hay-making has always been their main focus and over the years the father and son have grown to cover all aspects of it including; cutting, raking and baling into big and little squares and round bales.

“We also do a lot of tillage work including offset discing, cultivating and sowing, plus we do a bit of harvesting locally,” Ross said.

“A lot of our clients are based locally within a 50km radius but during hay season we travel all over the state.

“We like operating close to home but don’t mind travelling to different areas to do a bit of work. It’s always interesting seeing new areas and meeting new people.”

With the business going from strength to strength, Ross hopes to one day pass it onto his children.

“At the moment things are going quite well. We had a great season last year. Things are looking dry this year around our region though. Looks like we might have to do a bit of travelling,” he said.

With the family’s business going so well, Ross and his father have begun expanding their advertising platforms.

“In the last year we’ve started to use social media as a form of advertising.

“It’s really helped to boost our hay sales...I enjoy the challenge of running a small business.

“Working within agriculture is great, I love how no two days are ever the same.”