Parkes junior and senior showgirl and stockman competitons for 2017

It was some tough competition for this year’s Parkes Showgirl competition with four very strong contenders for the title.

But following the official opening of the 137th Annual Parkes Show at 3pm on Tuesday, a decision had to be made.

Deanne Freeman was named the winner of the 2017 Parkes Showgirl competition, ahead of Brittney Miles, Ashleigh Tolhurst and Amelia Stephens.

In other showgirl and stockman competitions, the winners are as follows:

Elizabeth Toomey was sashed Miss Junior Showgirl (4 to 6 years). 

Fletcher Hall was named Junior Stockman (4 to 6 years).

Savannah Ross was sashed Miss Junior Showgirl (7 to 12 years).

Henry Rice became this year’s Master Stockman (6 to 10 years).

Parkes’ Miss Teenager was revealed later Tuesday night after six teenagers were presented to a large crowd at the main stage prior to the fireworks.

A surprised Gracey Denham-Jones took this year’s title.

Featured in this gallery is all the action from this year’s junior and senior showgirl and stockman competitons.