Mudgee tops Australian Traveller list as regional foodie destination, while Rylstone listed as a top secret spot

Mudgee has been named as the number on regional foodie destination in Australia on a list published by Australian Traveller. 

At the same time Rylstone was recorded in seventh place on a Top Secret Spot list that was released at the same time. 

Visit Mudgee CEO Cara George said it wasn’t surprising for the people working in the food and wine industry in Mudgee and encouraged more visitors to come along and find out why Mudgee was ranked number one.  

“It’s great recognition for all the local produce that’s readily available at outlets across the region in cafes, restaurants and that’s being used by catering companies. 

“This makes it the perfect time for people to come and visit and see first hand why we were voted number one. We know why we are number one, but they can come and make up their own mind about it. We always want to share the foodie love.” 

Ms George said it was all about the journey that local produce took around the region, and being number one on the Australian Traveller list highlighted that. 

“It’s fresh, it’s seasonable and its available to visitors that come here. 

“For example, the distillery uses the lemons that grow in the area, and then they are used to feed the pigs at Pipeclay. The food goes on a local produce journey that travels across the region, and that’s why we do really well.” 

29 Nine 99's dumpings are a popular pleasure for visitors.

29 Nine 99's dumpings are a popular pleasure for visitors.

Rylstone’s location and easy of accessibility helped determine it’s spot on the Top Secret Spot list.  

The announcement said Rylstone was ‘one of the oldest villages west of the Great Dividing Range and it’s just so damn cute’. 

Ms George said Rylstone was a small town doing big things. 

“Having 29 Nine 99 there makes it very popular, dumplings are a popular pleasure right now for visitors, and it’s an interesting place for people who want to uncover more in the region. It’s a pretty town and very easily accessible.” 

On average visitors are spending three nights in the Mudgee region. 

“It may not seem like much, but it means they are coming to stay and look around. 

“Food and wine are the assets we are famous for but we offer some great natural aspects including local parks and sculpture walks. The town has also really embraced sport and leisure experiences and the villages around Mudgee are just gorgeous. There is also arts and culture for visitors to experience as well.

“All these things really support the hero assets of food and wine.”