I’m here to listen says State Drought Coordinator said she is ready to listen to farmers

State Drought Coordinator Pip Job said she is ready to listen to farmers to find the best ways to tackle crippling drought conditions.

Ms Job has been given the task of asking NSW farmers what they think about drought relief measures and then report her findings back to the State Government.

The former Geurie grazier said her role would be more about listening than providing legislative suggestions.

“My role is to go out and listen and to better understand what it is the farmers and their communities need," she said.

“I will collect that information and then present it back to the Government for them to make decisions. My role is more listening than legislating. I am out here to listen.”

Local farmers and industry professionals seem to agree that Ms Job is the right person to help steer the Government’s future drought relief response.

“I think it's a great thing and I think the more awareness of what's happening out here, the more likely we'll get a good response,” Dubbo farmer Phil Sheridan said.

Toongi Pastoral Company Manager Fergus Job said he could not think of a better person to do the job.

“I think Pip has got a really strong affinity with the bush, she's very good at listening to people but it's not going to be an easy task,” he said.

Ms Job said drought relief does not come as a one size fits all solution because farmers are impacted differently by the weather conditions.

“I think what is important about a role like this is to help create an impact that is out there for all farmers so they can get through this drought,” she said. “We don't know if we are at the beginning, the middle or the end of this drought and it looks different right across the state, every industry is different.

“If you're a cotton farmer you'd be thrilled that there has been no rain. We have to understand that, what does it look like in a localised context and at an industry level and then help farmers work with industry to better understand the right way to help them move forward.

“This is also about creating change as well so people are better prepared and manage their risks into the future.”