‘Disturbing and pathetic’: Police seek public’s help to find pony killer

POLICE are investigating the “disturbing and pathetic” shooting of a pony on the weekend.

According to NSW Police Rural Crime Investigators between 5pm on Saturday and 9am on Sunday someone shot and killed a three-year-old Welsh Mountain Pony on a Clergate property.

The animal’s owners woke on Sunday to find gates on their rural property opened and the body of the pony – a NSW Welsh Champion purchased by the Clergate family for their daughter – lying on the ground.

In a statement, the Rural Crime Prevention Team asked for assistance from the public to find the guilty party, saying they “will not tolerate illegal hunting and trespassing”.

“As police there are many jobs we get called to but this is just plain disturbing and pathetic,” the statement read.

“It is time for those that hunt legally to step up and tell us about those that you know that don’t hunt by the rules, and regularly do so.

“It is clear by our tone … that we want to hear from you and do something about illegal hunters, poachers, or whatever you want to call them.”

Anyone with information about the pony’s death should call Rural Crime Investigator Detective Senior Constable Sean Beckett at Orange Police Station on 63636399 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.