Wallawong Premium Beef hosts 21st annual sale in Gunnedah | Photos and Video

BUYERS from around the country flocked to the 21st annual Wallawong Premium Beef sale on July 12 despite the toll of the state’s drought conditions.

More than 50 interested buyers and locals gathered at Wallawong’s Marriott Park property to see 51 of the company’s best bulls and cows.

Topping the sale was the second bull of the day, Wallawong’s Magic Man being snapped up by Glenliam Farm Murray Greys for $18,000.

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Wallawong owner Kate James said it was pleasing to see so much interest in the sale, given the state’s current drought conditions. 

“We have had interest come from people right across Australia, which is good,” Mrs James said.

“It’s even more pleasing to see that interest come considering the current drought conditions we and so many others are facing.

“As well as the interest, it was good to see that this sale remained a buyer’s market, which was an aim of ours.”

Mrs James said feed restrictions had made an impact on the sale.

“We did see a few lots get passed in today, but we had expected that,” she said.

“In my opinion, that is down to the conditions across the board.

“The drought conditions are so widespread that some of our usual buyers have let us know in advance they wouldn’t be able to take part.

“That’s due to them already having sold off half of their herds and not looking to buy due to the lack of feed and the difficulties in bringing fodder in.

“Overall, though, bearing all of those factors in mind, we are really pleased with how today’s sale went.”

The Wallawong Premium Beef team will now look to co-ordinating the cattle exhibition at this year’s AgQuip in Gunnedah.

“AgQuip is our main focus now,” Mrs James said.

“We are involved every year and, while it is a lot of work, it also a lot of fun.

“Hopefully we get another large turnout and give people a chance to see the high-quality product we pride ourselves on.”