School of Rural Health raising money for Lifeline Central West

More than 20 medical students from the School of Rural Health in Dubbo and Orange will be running for a reason this August when they raise money for Lifeline Central West.

The group of Third and Four year students from Sydney and beyond have come to study in western NSW for the year and will be running for the counselling service during this year’s Dubbo Stampede.

The group hope to raise $1500 for Lifeline Central West and as of July, 30 a total of $1095 had been raised.

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Student and runner Elise Kempler said they have all had an awesome experience at the SRH and love the community lifestyle.

This will be the first time that all students have participated in the running festival, which is held annually at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

“We thought ‘what a great way to give back to a really important issue’.. and to get together as a group and do something that will make a positive difference and raise awareness for mental health,” Ms Kempler said.

She said they wanted to give back in some way to health and youth communities, which was how they came up with the idea to fundraise for Lifeline Central West.

We thought it was a great way to not only raise money but get involved in a community event at the same time.

Elise Kempler

“With those two criteria we put our brains together and looked up some local organisations and we thought mental health was such a stigmatised issue so it was a way for us to... spread awareness here,” Ms Kempler said.

The medical students will be running in all of the events, with one even competing in the 42.2 kilometre Rhino Ramble.

“We thought it was a great way to not only raise money but get involved in a community event at the same time,” Ms Kempler said.

“We’re pretty excited to run around the Zoo.”

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The group even sent a message to the Hospital staff asking for their sponsorship

“And getting friends and family back home to support and sponsor us, as well as the doctors at the SRH Hospital,” Ms Kempler said.

Training for the August, 26 event has started, with some of the runners taking part in the Dubbo Park Run each Saturday.

“There are all different people training at different rates, but everyone has started running and getting their heads into fundraising,” Ms Kempler said.

The students have worked in Dubbo, Orange as well as Walgett, Cobar and Coonabrabran in various roles.

“We’re very luck to have had this experience,” Ms Kempler said.

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