New South Wales now 100 per cent impacted by the drought

The latest update from the Department of Primary Industries Combined Drought Indicator (CDI) reports that the state of New South is 100 per cent impacted by drought.

The latest update at 1am Tuesday, August 8, shows 37.5 per cent is ‘drought affected’.

Twenty-one per cent of the state is in ‘intense drought and 40.6 per cent is in ‘drought’.

Photo: Department of Primary Industries.

Photo: Department of Primary Industries.

Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair said the latest update confirms what many farmers across the state have seen, with only 0-10 millimetres  of rain recorded over the past month in the Western, North West and Central areas of NSW.

“This is tough, there isn’t a person in the state that isn’t hoping to see some rain for our farmers and regional communities,” Mr Blair said.

“Producers are now faced with some very difficult decisions on whether to graze sown crops or rely on potential rainfall in the next two months in order to increase yield production.”

Mr Blair said some areas of the state did receive some welcome rainfall this month that has provided a little relief for stock and domestic water, but it will not even come close to the recovery needed for most farmers.

“The forecast suggests an increase of drier than normal conditions for the next three months across the majority of NSW but I want every farmer and community to know that we will stand with them through this challenging time and continue to make sure we have the right support available,” he said.