Coonamble Raindance Ball receives great donation response, photos

After a great response from locals and the wider community, tickets to the Coonamble Raindance Ball have completely sold out.

Approximately 900 tickets to the inaugural fundraiser were sold.

When news first broke that the small town of Coonamble was holding the ball to raise the spirits of the drought affected community, people and media from all over the country jumped on board to help increase awareness.

Due to the incredible sponsorship and generous donations, the first release of Raindance tickets were heavily discounted to $50 each.

Committee president James Nalder said their Facebook page has been such an amazing success in helping to spread the word about the event, but it’s also played such a crucial role in raising spirits.

“We’ve been so excited about the response we’ve received and the raindancing that’s been happening across the globe,” Mr Nalder said

“Seeing so many people get into the groove to show that they care helps more than most of them will know.”

Mr Nalder said the response has really lifted spirits and helps them dig deep and find the motivation to make the event happen while overcoming daily disappointments due to the drought.

“We’re looking forward to it being our turn for the downpour soon, but in the meantime, we’re soaking up any sponsorship coming our way,” he said.

Keeping the theme fun and friendly, the Raindance Ball dress code is Cocktail with a Castlereagh twist. This could be interpreted as a work shirt and bow tie, a dress and boots, or a suit and tie or gown and heels.

“Get as glammed up or as paddock pretty as you like. The important thing is that you come along and have a fabulous time,” James said. 

To make sure things run smoothly on the night, buses have been organised to take people to and from the Showground.

Rock band Brewn have coming on board to keep the rain dancers kicking up dust on the night and Megan O’Connor will cater the event and keep hunger satisfied.