Workshops to help businesses discover opportunities in uncertain times

Dubbo Chamber of Business and Industry president Matt Wright. Photo: Belinda Soole.
Dubbo Chamber of Business and Industry president Matt Wright. Photo: Belinda Soole.

With many regional businesses indicating they will be adversely affected by the drought, a series of workshops have been created to proactively address issues and provide stability.

The workshops are called ‘Discovering opportunities in uncertain times’ and have been developed to protect the business health in the region.

A NSW Chamber survey revealed more than 89 per cent of regional businesses indicated they will be affected by the drought.

With the impact expected to be felt for at least the next 18 months, it is now time to provide the tools to help businesses adapt and change, David Duffy, Business Coach at Business DNA said.

The workshops are an initiative jointly developed by Business DNA, National Australia Bank Regional Business Banking Centre and the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce.

“The workshops will allow business owners to develop practical and realistic strategies and actions, based on the input from banking and business experts,” Mr Duffy said.

The series of free workshops are going to be run on September, 26 and October, 24.

They will specifically address the issues identified by the NSW Chamber survey.

Dubbo Chamber of Business and Industry president Matt Wright said the Chamber sees the workshops as an opportunity for business to get back to basics, to have a look at their business from the ground up, and to plan ahead.

“The list of challenges is long, and will differ from business to business, however the workshops will include topics such as managing staff, cashflow, customer expectations as well as health and wellbeing to name just a few,” Mr Wright said.

The workshops aim to give businesses new skills to discuss the impact of the drought on their business with their trading partners and business banking managers.

The recent survey indicated that 67 per cent of central west businesses had not yet discussed their position with these key relationships.

“Every time we get people together to confront adversity I am amazed and excited by the diversity of initiatives that are discovered, new income streams created, cost saving activities and better ways to utilise resources,” Mr Duffy said.

“We have to be proactive to maintain the health of regional businesses and protect the employment opportunities so that we maintain the momentum of our vibrant regional community.”

To register for these free 4-hour workshops visit

Or for more information contact David Duffy on or 02 6884 5888.