Steve Mudford's new world record of most wethers shorn in eight hours

Gilgandra shearing contractor Steven Mudford is the new world record holder for the number of wethers shorn in eight hours.

Steven shore 373 sheep at Parkdale Stud, Collie on September 8, beating the previous record of 356, which was held by David Grant for 11 years.

He averaged 1.29 minutes per sheep for eight hours and completed the shearing challenge in four rounds, being 94, 93, 92, 94.

Steven said it felt “really good” to beat the record, especially considering he attempted it last year but just fell short.

“The sheep were a lot tougher last year. It was a better season so there was more wool and they were heavier,” he said.

Due to a plainer season this year as a result of the drought, the sheep were lighter, which Steven said worked in his favour as it was easier to shear.

Looking back on the day, Steven said the reality of smashing the world record is just starting to sink in.

Shearers from New Zealand and widespread Australia came up for the event, which Steven said was great to see them showing their support.

I just got in and gave it all I had.

Steven Mudford.

“Having the guys around you really lifts your spirits and momentum,” he said.

Previous record holder David Grant was also there for the event and congratulated Steven on his win.

“David told me that if anyone was going to beat his record he was glad it was me,” Steven said.

“He set a good record.”

Steven believes the new record will be a hard one to beat and that everything was aligned for him that day.

“I don’t wish it upon any farmer (the dry), but it was ideal to shear… the lead up was a bit worrying as it rained on the Thursday and anything can go wrong,” he said.

“But on the day it was so sunny. Overall I never heard a bad comment.

“I just got in and gave it all I had.”

Steven said he appreciates the entire Mudford family for allowing him the opportunity to achieve the world record.

“And all the time and effort they put in, especially during a tough year where they held sheep just for the purpose of the world record attempt when they could of sold the sheep,” he said.

Don Mudford of Parkdale SRS Poll Merino Stud, said the world record attempt was four years in the making.

“We’re certainly very proud (of Steven),” Mr Mudford said.

“I think it (the new world record) will be hard to beat.”

The day ran very smoothly, according to Mr Mudford, with about 200 people in attendance and 20 helpers on hand to make sure the day ran smoothly.

There was also five referees to ensure everything was official.

Mr Mudford said it is estimated Steven shore two tonne of wool and 25 tonne of sheep.

Only two sheep were disallowed due to some wool being left on them, which Mr Mudford said was a “pretty good” result.

Mr Mudford likened Steven’s world record as playing six state of origin games in a row.

“It’s very physical and mental.. in the lead up (to the world record) he did six months of training,” he said.