School of Rural Health students raise money for Lifeline Central West

A total of 356.4 kilometres was run by more than 20 School of Rural Health students at this year’s Dubbo Stampede, all to raise money for Lifeline Central West.

The third and fourth year students from Sydney and beyond have come to study in western NSW for the year and raised $3000 for the counselling service.

There were five students who ran the Dingo Dash (5.3km), 14 students in the Cheetah Chase (10 km), seven participated in the Zebra Zoom (21.1km) and one person was brave enough to run in the (42.2km) Rhino Ramble.

Another SRH student volunteered their time that day with the St John’s First Aid. 

“The weather was perfect for runners, maybe not so much the volunteers, but it was a beautiful temperature and light rain,” she said.

Elise said they were “pretty stoked” to have raised thousands of dollars for Lifeline Central West.

“It’s great to have been able to give back to a local cause, which will help people that we’ve spent time with at the hospital,” she said.

“It’s so rewarding to give back.”

Elise said a student from Orange, who participated in the Zebra Zoom, finished in the top 10 and many others did personal bests in their various races.

With the drought wreaking havoc across the region and affecting the mental health of people in rural areas, Elise said it is nice to be able to support those communities.

Although the students are currently in the middle of exams and will finish up there time at the SRH later this year, Elise said they have fond memories of the day and hope to have started a legacy for future students.

“It was just a fun day that was so well organised,” she said.

“Hopefully we’ve left a legacy for future students (to participate in the Dubbo Stampede)…”