Mamamia Out Loud Live Dubbo show raises over $8,000 in drought-relief

Mamamia out Loud fans were able to see Mamamia Out Loud Live at Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre and help raise $8,800 in drought-relief. 

In partnership with Drought Angels Mamamia Out Loud hosts Mia Freedman, Holly Wainwright and Jessie Stephens, performed two drought-relief shows in Tamworth and Dubbo to raise money to “be put back into the communities”.

Mamamia out loud host and head of content Holly Wainwright said the Dubbo show was the last of four shows that week “and I think it was the best one”. 

She said the idea for the drought shows came from their Mamamia Out Loud podcast listeners.

“We talk about whatever women are talking about that week, one week it could be something about the Kardashian’s, the next it could be about “Me Too” and feminism, the next week it could be about a documentary we’re all watching, so it very much reflects what women are into,” Ms Wainwright said.

“We have the Facebook group called the Mamamia Out Louder’s and we have a very loyal band of listeners, what became very apparent to us that a lot of out podcast listeners are in rural areas. 

“Obviously the drought is affecting those women a lot in many different ways.” 

Ms Wainwright said between the two shows they raised about $17,000.

“We were supported in our travel … Rex helped us get to Dubbo. So that all of the money spent on those shows would go into those areas.”

“It’s been a really really excellent experience for us to experience what is happening in the bush and to hear women’s stories.

“We had a amazing woman Trish Scott, interviewed on This Glorious Mess … who spoke about the drought and the impact on her children and her family and it just got an enormous response from our listeners.

Ms Wainwright said the “amazing” thing about podcasting was the connection with the audience. 

“There’s just something about that audio connection that’s very intimate and everybody feels like they know each other.” 

She said the feedback from rural women at the charity show was “remarkable”. 

“We didn’t want to be talking about the drought trying to explain something to people who are actually going through it, we actually wanted it to be lighthearted, engaging and fun and a good night out.

She said that Mamamia Out Louder’s had sponsored tickets for regional listeners to attend the show. 

“A lot of Out Louder’s in the city wanted to be able to pay for some of the rural women to be able to come … because obviously if you’re doing it tough in the drought, spending the money on a ticket is a commitment to start with,” Ms Wainwright said. 

“There was a woman at the show, the person who won the door prize, the RM Williams boots from Coolah, she’s a paramedic and a farmer and she got sponsored tickets, she came, had a great night and drove off to start her shift afterwards. 

“Meeting women like Sarah was really special for us.” 

Ms Wainwright said the aim of the night was to “have a really good night, get together, talk about what women want to talk about and have an entertaining night”. 

“It was a bit of a love-in for us to be honest.” 

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