The Budgy Smuggler, Thank A Farmer team up to help rural communities

A small Australian company are doing their bit to help raise much needed funds to help promote all the work that our nation’s farmers do.

The kelpie. Photo: Supplied.

The kelpie. Photo: Supplied.

The Budgy Smuggler, which is operating from an apartment in Manly with just six full-time staff have collaborated with a rural campaign ‘Thank A Farmer For Your Next Meal’ to create two very unique items.

They company has created two smuggler’s that feature a kelpie and a bull.

Proceeds from the sale of the exclusive Smugglers will go straight to the Thank A Farmer brand and help them help farmers' voices reach far and wide.

The Budge Smuggler’s Jarrod Allen who is head of Research and Development said the company was “built on quality, being proudly Australian and having a laugh.”

He said it would be “un-Australian not to help out.”

“Someone in the office suggested we should do something to help out - we're in a unique position where we're able to produce custom-designed garments at a moments notice and in small quantities, so it was an easy decision for us to lend a hand,” Jarrod said.

The bull. Photo: Supplied.

The bull. Photo: Supplied.

“Ideally we can raise as much as possible for the Thank a Farmer movement, it will all be going towards further promoting Australian agriculture and Australian primary producers in order to attempt to close the gap between producer and consumer.”

Jarrod said the company has had contact with the Thank a Farmer brand in the past, where they got in touch to make their own custom swimwear.

“So the connection was already there, it was just a simple email and phone call to get the ball rolling... four weeks later we had the pairs online,” he said.

The Smugglers were created using professional photographs taken by Zoe McCathie and James Braszell who allowed their images to be used for the cause, Jarrod said.

“The images are of two of the most common Australian farm animals - the Kelpie and the bull. Of course there are others but these were the ones we went with,” Jarrod revealed.

If you would like to purchase a pair of Smugglers please visit