Some of the world’s best on hand at Young Quick Shear | Photos

Young’s Quick Shear event ran last Saturday, October 27 with an incredible outcome and an opens prize of $6000.

The event was organised by Emily Richens and was held at the Young Services Club.

“The opens division was incredible, we had 30 open shearers and that total included the best shearers from both Australia and New Zealand with multiple world record holders,” Emily said.

“We had a few less in the novice and intermediate divisions than usual, so we encourage all those who thought about entering this year and didn’t, to come along next year.”

There were four divisions, all with prizes.

The Noivice winners were:

  • 1st place, Josh Davies with a time of 0:55:00, 2nd was Arareta Te Kanawa Semenoff on 1:04:44, 3rd was Randy Bedford on 1:22:69, 4th was James Bailey, 5th was Jay Knight and 6th was Patrick Davies.

Intermediate winners were:

  • 1st place Jacob Douglas on 0:39:84, 2nd Daniel Read on 0:41:56, 3rd was Sam Murray on 0:41:72, 4th was Jessie Mills on 0:45:97, 5th was Leon Flutting on 0:44:59 and 6th was Duane.

Senior winners were:

  •  1st place Tridente Te Ranua on 0:32:00, 2nd Kyle Richens on 0:32:84, 3rd Caleb Cummins on 0:37:09, 4th Josh Edwards on 0:40:91, 5th Bruce Williams on 0:33:25 and 6th Phill Coddington on 0:37:20.

Open winners were:

  •  1st place Jimmy Samuels on 0:22:25, 2nd place Aiden Copp on 0:26:78, 3rd Leon Samuels on 0:26:88, 4th Beau Guelfi on 0:25:75, 5th Gavin Evans on 0:27:24 and 6th place was Luke Lynch on 0:37:37.

“We would like to thank all of our sponsors that got on board especially the young services club. We still have some shearing singlets left over that will be available for sale at the services club.

“We also raised money for drought relief on the day which the total is still unconfirmed but expected to be a few thousand dollars,” Emily said.