Weekly wool report: poorer wool on offer at national sales

Photo: File.
Photo: File.

Week Commencing 05/11/18

Week 18 saw a slight increase in quantity with a national offering of 35,784 bales while the wool market dipped 20 cents with the Eastern Market indicator finishing at 1,854c/kg.

The week saw continued poorer wool types on offer with low yield and lower strength which resulted in small losses across most micron categories.

The 17-micron indicator for the north dropped 27 cents closing at 2,555c/kg.

The 19-micron indicator fell 20 cents and finished at 2,238c/kg and the 21-micron indicator dipped 14 cents to finish at 2,139c/kg.

The crossbreds had mixed results this week with the north dropping slightly whilst the south saw some slight increases.

The 28-micron indicator for the north dipped 17 cents to close at 778c/kg while the 30-micron indicator fell 10 cents to finish at 661c/kg.

The cardings were impacted the most with a drop of 98 cents to the northern indicator and finished the week at 1,045c/kg.

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Testing data from AWTA for October has recorded 19-micron volume is down one per cent, 21-micron volume is down 46 per cent while 17-micron is up 25 per cent and 15-micron and finer volume has close to doubled compared to this time last year.

European activity has increased this week with volume starting to be booked as stocks start to build.

Good type wools are expected to remain around current price levels whilst the gap from them and poorer styles is expected to continue increasing.

Similar quantities will be seen in week 19 and the current national offering is 35,696 bales.

Over the two selling days Sydney will offer 8,942 bales, Melbourne will offer 19,686 bales and Fremantle will offer 7,068 bales.