The next three to four days will be dry in the region: Weatherzone

Central West residents will have to wait until next Wednesday to experience rain in the region, according to the latest predictions.

Weatherzone meteorologist Graeme Brittain said the next three to four will be dry in the region.

“We are expecting rain next Tuesday and Wednesday. But it is not going to be as widespread as we had yesterday,” Mr Brittain said.

“The chances of thunderstorms are low at this stage. This forecast is however based on current weather conditions and it may change in the coming few days,” he said.

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Weatherzone is forecasting up to 10 millimetres of rain in Orange, Blayney, Forbes and Lithgow and up to five millimetres of rain in Bathurst, Mudgee, Dubbo, Cowra, Parkes and Oberon on Wednesday, November 14.

It was Oberon that got the most rain (31 millimetres) in the region this Wednesday.

Oberon was followed by Dubbo (18 millimetres), Orange (16 millimetres), Mudgee (15 millimetres), Parkes (13 millimetres), Blayney (12 millimetres) and Bathurst (11 millimetres).

Lithgow and Cowra had 8.6 millimetres and 8.5 millimetres rain on Wednesday.

Mr Brittain said the residents will continue to experience cool mornings for next few days before the mercury begins to rise on Sunday.

“The temperature in the morning will be one to two degrees below the average temperature,” he said.