Weekly wool report: Buyers try to secure quantity at sales

Photo: File.
Photo: File.

Week Commencing 26/11/18

Week 21 maintained an upward trend throughout the week with all indicators for all three centres making positive gains. The Eastern Market Indicator increased 77 cents and finished at 1,858c/kg.

Nationally there were 31,889 bales on offer and the week had a 5.9 per cent pass in rate.

The northern 17-micron indicator increased 27 cents finishing at 2,472c/kg, the 19-micron indicator gained 100 cents closing at 2,204c/kg and the 21-micron indicator increased 110 cents finishing the week at 2,158.

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Competition was strong through both sale days and was evident across all types with buyers trying to secure quantity.

The northern crossbred 26-micron indicator increased 105 cents and finished at 1,245c/kg while the 28-micron indicator increased 85 cents finishing at 845c/kg.

The merino cardings for the north had a rise of 80 cents and finished the week at 1,180c/kg.

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Week 22 will have a slight increase with the national offering of 36,447 bales on offer.

Sydney will offer 9,239 bales, Melbourne will offer 19,441 bales and Fremantle will offer 7,767 bales across both selling days.