#buttsforcancersupport: Butt drive raises thousands for Narromine Cancer Support group

Butts have been donated and a massive $31,808 has been raised to support the Narromine Cancer Support Group. 

The donation comes after Narromine’s Susannah Tuck began the ‘butt drive’ earlier this year, encouraging cotton growers to donate their ‘butts’ (small, left over modules of cotton) with proceeds going to the Narromine Cancer Support Group (NCSG).

Sixteen growers donated a total of 23 butts which were ginned under Namoi Cotton and tendered by Independent Commodity Management for free.

Mrs Tuck said they were then purchased by three merchants which were bid on “well above the market” and bought back by Namoi cotton, which along with the sale of their cotton seed raised a staggering $31, 808 for the NCSG. 

“It’s just brilliant,” Mrs Tuck said. 

Mrs Tuck said it was a great way to not only help out the small committee, but give back to the Narromine Shire. 

“Most people don’t realise what the Narromine Cancer Support Group do, which is the little gifts to help people who have to leave town for cancer treatment,” Mrs Tuck said. 

“Plus they have equipment to help people out that when they’re at home and sick or maybe they’re terminal and want to be at home,” she said. 

Also a breast cancer survivor, Mrs Tuck and her husband Rob saw the potential to raise extra money for the Cancer Support Group. 

“How this all started is in the past they used to do wool butt drives and that’s how the Narromine Swimming pool was built partly from these drives,” Mrs Tuck said. 

“We thought it was just really a good way for the cotton growers to contribute to the cancer support group,” she said.  

Mrs Tuck hopes to do it again next year and is encouraging other towns to get on board for their own local communities. 

“We’re hoping it will run next year, and I’m assuming Warren’s got a Cancer Support group so maybe the cotton industry there will get behind it.”

Mrs Tuck thanked Namoi Cotton for their support and jumping on board, and to growers for supporting the cause. 

“Thank you to all the growers who contributed whether it be big or small a little bit goes a long way.” 

This story Growers are kicking butts first appeared on Narromine News.