2019 Bourke Australia Day Awards, nominate someone worthy

The Bourke Shire Council are encouraging members of the community to nominate outstanding residents in this year’s Australia Day Awards.

The Awards are a great opportunity to say thank you to those people for their amazing contribution in making Bourke a great place to live.

Maybe you know of a committed member of a group that acts as the glue to hold your organisation together?


It could be an outstanding young person in the community who shows great leadership or sportsmanship and deserves recognition?

Are there unsung heroes in that make the town a better place to live?

The 2019 Bourke Australia Day Awards are now open – get your application form from the Bourke Shire Councils office or visit bourke.nsw.gov.au

The following categories are

 Citizen of the year.

 Young citizen of the year (18 and under).

 Sportsperson of the Year.

 Junior Sportsperson of the year, (18 and under).

 Village Service Award.

 Emergency Services Volunteer of the Year.

Don’t say “someone will nominate a person". Be that someone!

Nominations close Monday, January 14, 2019 at 5pm.