Sheep beats the heat with air conditioner

Norman the sheep was the envy of his woolly mates this week, stretched out in front of the air conditioning as much of Australia baked.

The 11-year-old Merino from the Central West was one lucky baa-stard, considering others were doing it tough in 40+ degree heat.

Norman was abandoned as a newborn but he seems to have turned that misfortune into a stroke of luck.

Adopted by Jane Sergeant, he’s now more at home inside than in a paddock or – worse – on a plate.

He has his own pillow and place inside to sleep, and is quick to make it known when life outside is getting a bit much.

“He knocks on the back door in the morning as soon as it starts warming up,” Jane said.

“He's house-trained, so he takes himself out when he needs to pee. He then knocks to come back in.” 

Norman wasn’t the only pampered pet dodging the elements this week, with a little help from their humans.

People filled up plastic shells and wading pools of water – and, for those without pet pools, water troughs and bathtubs sufficed.

Some pets also tucked into icy treats or, in the case of Marvin the rabbit, they got to cuddle up to an ice pack.

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