Ben Goatcher, Dubbo, rain run video goes viral on social media

Celebrate: A video of Dubbo's Ben Goatcher running through the rain has been shared more than one thousand times.

Celebrate: A video of Dubbo's Ben Goatcher running through the rain has been shared more than one thousand times.

While everyone across the region was rejoicing on Sunday night when a storm made its way in, no-one looked quite as impressed with the shower than Dubbo’s Ben Goatcher.

A video of Ben running through the rain with a beer in his hand has gone viral on social media after it was uploaded on January 20.

It has since been shared over one thousand times. 

That night Ben was enjoying a family dinner on his father’s property, which is situated on the Narromine Road, just 10 kilometres outside of Dubbo.

Ben said the video was taken on the Sunday night “after a few beers.”

The video wasn’t planned and was captured by Ben’s sister as he was coming around the side of the house after dinner.

“It’s one of those things that you try and outdo each other,” Ben said.

“My brother-in-law jumped in the pool and I thought ‘I’ve got to go one better than you’… I kept the pants on anyway which was good.”

Ben can be seen with a beer in his hand while doing his rain run and said he didn’t spill a drop.

“That was a good result. I scored the four points under the post and didn’t spill a beer (so) it’s a good day,” he said.

Ben didn’t realise the post had gone viral until the next morning.

“I didn’t really take note of it too much … it’s sort of just taken off. But as long as everyone gets a laugh out of it then it’s all good,” he said.

“You can’t put a price tag on happiness."

On Tuesday morning Ben was even interviewed live on breakfast television about the video which he said was just a normal day for him.

In the 24 hours to 9am on Monday, January 21, a total of 39.4 mm of rainfall was recorded at Dubbo, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

“It would have been better if it was a bit more widespread … the times will change, the rain will come hopefully,” Ben said.

Ben’s family run sheep and cattle on their hobby farm.

He welcomed the rain but acknowledged many farmers were worse off in the current drought.

“But in the meantime you’ve got to have a bit of fun to celebrate what you can,” he said.

If the region was to receive another rain event, Ben said he’ll have to try and outdo himself.

“If we get 60 or 80 millimetres you want to get those cameras rolling,” he laughed.

“I’ll figure something out … a couple of more cans you can do anything.”