NSW Farmers call for end to Aussie Farms

 Cowra farmer Chris Groves. Photo: Alex Druce.
Cowra farmer Chris Groves. Photo: Alex Druce.

Immediate action is needed to protect farmers after an online map included the contact details and location of Australian farms.

Aussie Farms’ launched the map that locates farms throughout Australia and includes some farmers contact details. 

NSW Farmers is calling for immediate action to protect farmers from increasing dangerous activist tactics.

NSW Farmers’ Vice President and Chris Groves said the clear purpose of Aussie Farms was to attack the integrity of farmers and encourage further trespassing by activists. 

“Our farmers meet the highest standards globally and we are proud to bring high quality, nutritious products to customers in Australia and around the world,” Mr Groves said.

“It is highly distributing that those who oppose farming feel they have an unfettered right to enter our properties and our homes.”

Mr Groves said every time a trespass is perpetrated against farmers, their livelihoods, families and animals are at risk.

“These illegal farm incursions are biosecurity risks, which jeopardise our animals’ welfare,” he said.

“The personal toll that these crimes inflict is also immense. Our privacy is breached and the security of our homes is violated. 

“Aussie Farms is seeking to encourage more of these despicable crimes to occur and we need urgent change to give farmers the protection required.”   

The Association is calling on all level of government to undertake immediate action to protect farmers from increasingly dangerous tactics from activists. 

“We need a legal system that ensures that those who commit these crimes are successfully convicted and the punishment recognises the seriousness of the crime,” Mr Groves said.

“There must be legal consequences for organisations, like Aussie Farms, that seek to incite others to undertake illegal activities.  

“A simple first step would be to remove the charitable status of Aussie Farms.