Bourke raw water supply switched off, water consumption to be minimal

Bourke water at ‘critical state’ after failure of foot valve

The raw water at Bourke has been switched off and residents are urged to conserve water usage wherever possible.

The raw water was switched off on Wednesday night after the failure of the foot valve at the raw water supply. The raw water supply impacts the supply of filtered water to Bourke and North Bourke.

Bourke Shire Council manager of works Peter Brown said the water supply had been switched to the supply from Walkden’s Bore. It allowed both of the water reservoirs to be filled on Wednesday night but water consumption during this period is at its lowest.

General manager Ross Earl said while the bore supply was not able to meet the full town demand, it should be able to meet the town’s immediate water needs for a few days.


However, Mr Earl has stressed that residents if Bourke and North Bourke should be mindful of the critical state of the water supply and conserve the consumption of water to ensure it doesn’t run out.

Water has been isolated to be used for firefighting purposes if it’s required.

Council will be monitoring the usage and input from the bore during the course of the day to ascertain if any formal restrictions to the filtered water supply need to be imposed.

Mr Earl said staff and contractors were working as quickly as possible to restore the raw water supply which would also ensure the ongoing supply of filtered water.

It’s hoped normal supplies may be restored by late Thursday afternoon.

The North Bourke raw water supply is on a separate supply and is unaffected, however, the filtered water to North Bourke relies on the town’s raw water supply.

Mr Brown said said staff worked until dark on Wednesday night and were back on the job at first light. Resources had also been coordinated to undertake the repairs as quickly as possible.