Rotary Club of Dubbo South, Century Batteries raise drought funds

Farming families across western NSW were delivered much needed fodder recently thanks to an Australian wide fundraising effort. 

Staff and agents from battery company, Century Batteries, wanted to help farmers struggling with the drought.

Various fundraisers were held across the nation with $13,000 being raised.

The company matched dollar for dollar to give a total of $26,000 to drought affected farmers.


Centuries Battery agent and Rotary Club of Dubbo South member Brett McCarthy suggested the money go to the Rotary Club and they would go about finding a project for it.

With the help of The Rotary Club of Cobar a road train of fodder was delivered to two pick up points, near Cobar and Nymagee.

"From these two locations, 14 families picked up six bales each. We were greeted with open arms along with bacon and egg sandwiches but it was the smiles and the appreciation that shone the most," Mr McCarthy said.

He said all of the farmers were very grateful for the efforts and the fact that people are thinking of them.

Mr McCathy said Century Batteries are one of the last Australian manufacture of batteries and were keen to get involved in the efforts.

"Most important is that 100 per cent of the money spent has gone back into the community which is what all Rotary Clubs pride themselves on …"