Sam Collins running in ultra marathon to raise funds for charity

Orange based nurse Sam Collins is running for a very important reason this month and it's all to raise funds for a wonderful charity and support a very good friend.

Sam works with Michelle Murray who has sadly had a relapse of breast cancer. The cancer had metastasised and Michelle was given two years to live.

On May 18, Sam will be running in the Ultra Marathon, which is a 50 kilometre race in the Blue Mountains at the Ultra Trail Australia (UTA) running festival.

He always wanted to support Michelle in her time of need so it seemed like perfect that he could raise funds for her while competing in the marathon. Sam asked Michelle if he could run in honour of her and raise money for a charity of her choice.

He explained that Michelle's first and only choice was Dream2Live4, because they will be supporting her during her time of need.

"I saw it as a good opportunity to fundraise for something.. I've worked with her for four or five years now.. I found out not long before signing up for this run that she had a relapse..," Sam explained.


"We were very upset about that as her colleague and the caring nurse that she is, we were devastated. I just saw it as an opportunity to do something nice for her."

Sam explained he had never heard of the Sydney based charity before, but upon finding out more he really liked what they do and loved that it was who Michelle wanted to support.

I found out not long before signing up for this run that she had a relapse.

Sam Collins

Dreams2Live4 makes dreams come true for patients who are living with metastatic cancer (meaning any cancer which has spread).

It is the only charity of its type in Australia for adult patients. Sam said Michelle's goal has always been about raising awareness for Dreams2Live4 so that other people can get access to the support they offer.

"Out of something bad you can do good things and raise awareness," Sam said.

"I really wasn't sure at first.. one if she (Michelle) would be happy for me to do it.. I can imagine and understand for a lot of people that they would rather keep quiet and not make a big thing of it," Sam said.

While he has competed in other marathon's before, this will be Sam's first time running in an Ultra Marathon.

If you would like to find out more or to donate to Sam's cause please visit