Colin Buchanan and Jané Alam Sheikh will be in Bathurst May 16

MUSIC and cooking will combine when beloved Australian entertainer Colin Buchanan visits Bathurst this week.

He has partnered with Compassion Australia to present Colin Buchanan and Curry with a Twist, which will see him perform a selection of his music during a curry cooking masterclass led by Jané Alam Sheikh.

Sheikh is a former Compassion sponsored child and, during his cooking demonstration, will share stories from his life.

Buchanan, who has a close connection with Bathurst and the Central West, became involved with Compassion personally when his family started to sponsor children overseas.

"I love that it really came out of a just a very personal conviction, and I think it's a great organisation and a great way for people to do something about a problem that can just feel too big," he said.

"It just shrinks [the problem] down and makes it something families can do and share together."

COMING TO TOWN: Entertainer Colin Buchanan will visit Bathurst this week for a unique night of music and cooking. Photo: SUPPLIED

COMING TO TOWN: Entertainer Colin Buchanan will visit Bathurst this week for a unique night of music and cooking. Photo: SUPPLIED

He later became somewhat of an ambassador for the Compassion which led him to being involved in this unique music and cooking project.

Buchanan said people will get swept up in the aromas and the stories being told at the event, which will be held at Bathurst RSL on Thursday night.

"It's a little like pulling up a chair in Jané's kitchen and he just tells a story," Buchanan said.

"Having heard it, it personalises the plight of poverty and what can be done."

Of course, cooking the traditional Indian curry isn't the only aspect to the night, with Buchanan's music set to delight the senses in a different way.

He promised that the songs he performs will be ones attached to Bathurst and the Central West, places that he has had a familiarity and association with from a very young age.

"When I was in Year 4, we had to make puppets for craft and me and my friends put on the Bathurst 1000. It's not much of a puppet show really, puppets just zooming across the top of a sheet," he laughed.

"So I was conscious of Bathurst, and then my sister went to what was Mitchell College - she studied teaching there. I first stepped foot in Bathurst in 1976 when we dropped her off and I always loved heading back to Bathurst.

"I feel like 'Ah, I'm in the Central West'; that's the gateway."

Buchanan's family also lived in Grenfell for a year in the late 1980s, which he said was a really important time for him in regards to song writing.

"I do especially like the chance to sing songs that were born in the region," he said.

He hopes there will be a good crowd at the RSL club for the Curry with a Twist and encouraged people to come along for the unique experience.

"It's a night for people who are interested in stories - stories in song and stories of someone whose life unfolded far away from Australia and in a very, very different situation," Buchanan said.

"In encountering those stories, I think people will learn more about Jané's life and they'll learn more about the plight of poverty, what can really make a difference and that they can make a difference in these lives."

Thursday's show will start at 7pm and run through until 9pm.

Tickets can be pre-purchased for $10 online or for $15 at the door.