Musician Jon Stevens excited to visit Nyngan performing at the Duck Creek Picnic races

QUACKING TIME: Musician Jon Stevens is gearing up for a quacker of a time in Nyngan on July 6. Photo: FILE
QUACKING TIME: Musician Jon Stevens is gearing up for a quacker of a time in Nyngan on July 6. Photo: FILE

Former Noiseworks front-man and seventh member of INXS Jon Stevens is gearing up for a quacking time at the WIN Duck Creek Picnic Races.

While Stevens said he's travelled to almost every nook and cranny in Australia at some point in his career, the Duck Creek races in Nyngan on July 6 are certainly "going to be a real blast".

"I 'm pretty sure I've been to Nyngan before, it was a long time ago but ... the Duck creek races just sound like a good laugh and a really good day out," he said.

For Stevens visiting the drought-affected community is important to highlight that small towns aren't forgotten and that younger people get the experience of live music.

"I always try and get out to as many places as I can just because of that sheer factor alone, that you always get forgotten, big bands come to Australia and they just play at the capital cities, and it just gets real boring," he said.

"So going out to where people don't get to much, there's a new appreciation.

"And the opportunity to play at the races. I would imagine there would be a lot of young people who might not have seen a live band before.


"So it's keeping that alive, because this day in age with DJs and technologies, its good for people to recognise and see real musicians playing instruments."

Stevens is eager to visit the town to perform many of his hit songs at the annual picnic event.

"We'll play the hits ... the catalogue is massive and it's one of those things you can't play everything, but I pick my favourites," he said.

"This year we played a lot more Noiseworks and INXS and people just go nuts and relive their youth.

"But it's just about having a good time."

Given the state of the drought, Stevens will play his new hit track Rain Down On Me, about relationships and adversity that was also offered to the charity Rural Aid for fundraising support.

"Songs are like little gifts and some just don't make it on records or make a home ... I just thought Rain Down On Me was the perfect little gift for the farmers and for rural aid," Stevens said.

"I'm really proud of the song and it really speaks for the farmers and their plight. It's a way of giving back as an artist."

Tickets to the Duck Creek Races are available online only for $35 which includes entry into the races and to see all the live entertainment.

To buy a ticket visit: .

Keep up to date by following the Duck Creek Picnic Races Facebook page.

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