Photographer Fiona Lake to judge Life and Light competition

Photographer Fiona Lake is the judge for the 2019 Life and Light photo competition. Photo: Supplied.

Photographer Fiona Lake is the judge for the 2019 Life and Light photo competition. Photo: Supplied.

Highly acclaimed rural photographer Fiona Lake has been named as a judge in the 2019 Life and Light photo competition.

Ms Lake will bring 30 years worth of photography experience to her role when she helps judge the many works sent in by budding artists across western NSW.

The judging committee will also be made up of Western Landcare and Western Local Land Services representatives.

The theme for this year's competition is 'Beyond the dust' and it is hoped submissions will include both agricultural and environmental perspectives.

Ms Lake has judged other art shows in the past and says she really enjoys being a part of recognising those who are doing a really thoughtful job at producing good images that help explain what it is like to live in remote parts of Australia.

"Most of the the professional photography you see is produced by people out of capital cities who don't understand what they're seeing and as an outsider looking in to anything you're never going to get as good a result as someone who understands the industry or the environment," she said.

In her judging process, the outback photographer will be looking for technicality, idea and originality of the image.

"Those three aspects are what I always look for and you can usually tell when someone has put effort in and they've put thought in to the photo they've taken" she said.

"That doesn't mean they've set it up or spent days mucking around with it but you can tell when someone has put effort and thought into it."

Another aspect that Ms Lake looks for is entrants sticking to the theme, which some people sometimes overlook in competitions.

"Sticking to the theme and the purpose... is a fundamental thing that is easy to overlook, but it gets people over the line if they've paid attention to that," she said.


Entries for the competition will close July, 14 with winners to be announced at the Wentworth Show between August 24-25

All entries must be submitted by the website, which can be found at and they have to have been taken no earlier than January 1, 2017.

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