Hilton Barrett will host a second shearing shed open day

Due to popular demand, Australian Wool Innovation will hold a second open day in Brocklehurst that is designed for human and animal welfare.

For nearly two years central west shearing contractor Hilton Barrett has been through a long process creating a shearing shed design that focuses on those welfare elements.

With AWI, Mr Barrett held the first open day at Brocklehurst in July where approximately 400 people from across the region attending.

Its success spurred on organisers to host the second event, which is scheduled for September 20.

Mr Barrett went through consultation with shearers, classers and wool growers to design the shed based on the following criteria; worker efficiency and the flow of livestock, safety, quality wool preparation and animal welfare.

"It shows there's a bit of confidence in the industry and also awareness that things need to be done with infrastructure that we've got our staff working in," Mr Barrett told Australian Community Media after the inaugural open day.

The contractor said he wanted people to see first-hand the design to get an understanding of how it works.

Mr Barrett said if the shed isn't the best in Australia, it was "the most efficient shearing shed in the world."

Australian Wool Innovation backed the research and development of the project and Mr Barrett paid for the shearing shed to be built.

He spoke with some of the industry's fastest and most efficient shearers in the consultation process.

This is the first shed of its kind and now that blueprints are available, Mr Barrett said it can potentially save a farmer between $50,000 and $100,000 on a six-stand shearing shed.

The open day is on September 20 from 10am to 2pm.

For more information please visit www.wool.com