A successful weekend at the Trangie campdraft

Horsemanship was on show on the weekend as Trangie hosted their two-day campdraft.

While the event took a hiatus last year, a donation of cattle saw the event run on September 14-15.

Secretary of the Trangie Campdraft committee Louise Hooper said the event was "very successful" with 160 competitors.

"It was really really good weekend," she said.

"We didn't have any injuries which was super fantastic and it's always nice to run something like that and not have any injury."

Ms Hooper said the event was important to draw people together to have a bit of fun, especially during a drought.


"People were there talking about what hardship they're all going through, and I think it's good to talk to friends that are going through similar things," she said.

The open for open was won by Natasha Carlon who also came up second. Third was Tim Wiggins followed by Terry Henigan who came in fourth and fifth.

Winner of the juvenile competition was Minnie WIggins, followed by Anna Russel, Maisy Meers, Tayla Pennell and Molly Lindsay.

Trangie's very own Ned Kennedy was the winner of the juniors competition. It was a close second by Arki Shearer, followed by Fred Wiggins in third, Grace Morse in fourth. Equal fifth went to Archie Milgate and Abby Worrell.

The mad shirt maiden campdraft was taken out by Andrew Petch followed by several equal seconds that went to Kirsty Wiggins, Adrienne Miller, Ben Laurence, Ricky Looten and Terry McGovern.

First place in the ladies campdraft went to Chelsea Peacock, equal second, third and fourth went to Jess Cormie, Kim Brien and Louise Cameron. Equal fifth place was held by Kirsty Wiggins and Linda Williams.

The novice draft was taken out by Jess Cormie. Second place was won by Kenrick Cross, third went to Lara Garlick, fourth was Terry McGovern and fifth place was Peter Garlick.

Winner of the first Al Kennedy Memorial Encouragement draft was Ian Dowsett. Al Kennedy was a committee member and sadly passed away last year. The committee said Al was a great horseman who loved helping those new to the sport.

Ms Hooper thanked their sponsors and cattle donors for making the event possible.