Yeoval students complete epic 80-kilometre walk for a Big Mac and thick shake

MACCAS RUN: Llewelyn Elliott and Chase Gant-Evans. Photo: SUPPLIED

MACCAS RUN: Llewelyn Elliott and Chase Gant-Evans. Photo: SUPPLIED

As Chase Gant-Evans limped into Molong on Monday, halfway through what is an 80 kilometre trek from Yeoval to Orange, he wanted to give up.

The pain, the chafe, the distance; it was all too much.

His mate, Llewelyn Elliot would have kicked the bucket too but the dawdling duo was saved by their aunt and a special delivery.

We won't be doing it again. Macca's for breakfast kept us going.

Chase Gant-Evans on his walk from Yeoval to Orange


"She brought us out some Macca's for breakfast and it kept us going," Mr Gant-Evans said, their walk finishing up on Monday evening after 18 hours walking.

"We won't be doing it again."

The pair walked the 83km from their home in Yeoval to north Orange McDonald's to help raise funds for drought affected farmers.

The pair's efforts total over $2000, which isn't bad considering the task, Mr Gant-Evans says, started off as a joke when they walked from Yeoval to Wellington to cash in on a few free cokes.

The 17-year-old said a few encouraging car horns kept them going, especially around the hilly entrance to Orange.

Gant-Evans and Elliot ordered Big Mac meals and finished up with a McFlurry each.