Firies working in region have an 'angel' looking out for them - in Queensland

A woman named Mary, from West Mackay, has been called an 'angel' for her somewhat enigmatic - and totally unsolicited - show of 'thanks' to firies working out of the local region.

After learning of how the local area is impacted by bushfires and that Club Mudgee had been an evacuation centre for those affected by the local emergency, Mary wanted to do something to say 'thanks' to those fighting to save lives and property.

Club Mudgee CEO, Maureen Hutchison, said that she became aware of her in an unexpected but "wonderful" way.

"The news about the bushfires across NSW and Victoria carried up to the radio station there and Mary phoned in to the station to express her heartfelt thanks to all the firies working across the grounds around Australia," she said.

"She then took it upon herself to bake four fruitcakes for Christmas, package them up and sent them down here to the Club, with a 'thank you' letter to pass on to the firefighters. Which we thought was a wonderful gesture."

Not done there, the aged pensioner had more to give to those on the fire grounds.

"Then last week four boxes arrived and when we looked through the contents of what Mary had sent us to pass onto the firies, it was so well thought-out. There was; Hydralyte; Berocca; sprays and soothers for sore throats; sunscreen; moisturisers; right through to eye-wash," Maureen said.

"When I rang to let her know the parcels had arrived, I asked her if she had any history with being a firefighter or volunteering in that area. And she said, 'no, I just thought of all the things that they could be suffering - heat, smoke, exhaustion - and these were the items that would be important to them'."

Mary's words in her letter, included with the various items were, "hope these help them in some small way".

"It's really another story about the Australian spirit and how, in times of crisis, people appear out of nowhere and become angels offering support, help and relief wherever they can," Maureen added.

"We're really touched by her actions and really caring for, not only all of the firefighters, but all of the ones who are out in our immediate area fighting fires. Because those supplies have come down for them."