Festival of Small Halls coming to Orange in January 2020

Regional tour: critically-acclaimed Australian songwriter Jack Carty is part of the 2020 Festivals of Small Halls tour that is coming to Orange. Photo: Supplied.
Regional tour: critically-acclaimed Australian songwriter Jack Carty is part of the 2020 Festivals of Small Halls tour that is coming to Orange. Photo: Supplied.

Rural and regional towns across Australia are being treated to a very unique performance this summer.

The Festival of Small Halls is currently touring the nation and later this month will stop in the region for a show.

Australia's largest regionally-dedicated music tour, Festival of Small Halls, will see Scotland singer Siobhan Miller and critically-acclaimed Australian songwriter Jack Carty, among others, play.

Produced by Woodfordia Inc, the regional music tour rekindles the time-old tradition of gathering in the local small hall for a special night of live music, storytelling and community connection.

One of the first concerts was at the Woodford Folk Festival and is now in Tasmania for a range of shows.

Singer Jack Carty spoke to Australian Community Media, while in Tasmania to talk about his excitement in coming to the central west.

"It's so far been an incredible tour and we're all really excited to get up to the mainland," he said.

"Each show is really unique because each show is put on by the community, so it's one of the most fun things..."

He had been following the Festival of Small Halls tour for a number of years so was excited to get the call up to play in 2020.

"It always looked amazing and I was always really into the idea of doing them," Jack said.

The singer said that many of the halls they are playing in don't always get used that often for live music events, so was a nice thing to do for those communities.

"A lot of the places we're playing don't get a lot of live music through and (it's great) to use these halls that are beautiful and often have a lot of historical significance, but they're not getting used in the way they once did," Jack explained.

Originally from Bellingen and now based in Brisbane after a stint in the United Kingdom, this will be the first time that Jack will be playing in the central west when the tour comes to Orange on January 25.

"It's really exciting," he said.

"I'm really, really looking forward to getting out to the central west."

Another thing that Jack was all looking forward to was playing at or near communities that have recently been affected by the bushfires.

Many of his friends and even some family have been in the think of it and through travelling with the tour Jack was looking to give those affected something to look forward to.

"Everyone that I've spoken to just wants to do what they can (to help), so if we can just be anight for those to touch base with one another and hopefully add a little respite from this horribleness, then that will be my hope for it," he said.

Jack said the whole concept of the Festival of Small Halls tour was to give people a night of fun and the chance for a community to come together.

"I think that's really the overarching thing we want to achieve, is to just be another way for communities to come together and celebrate themselves," he said.

"A hall for a lot of places, especially where we've been so far, are the central focal point for people... and (we can hopefully) bring something a bit different to what goes on in those halls ordinarily."

The Festival of Small Halls tour will be at Orange's Bloomfield Hall on January 25. For more information visit festivalofsmallhalls.com