Farmers 2 Founders helps agribusinesses build their ideas

Fiona Aveyard.
Photo: Supplied.
Fiona Aveyard. Photo: Supplied.

A local farmer is currently midway through a three month 'business bootcamp' where she hopes to value-add to her already successful product.

Fiona Aveyard from Outback Lamb, Tullamore, is part of the Farmers2Founders program that helps agribusinesses grow their ideas, reach new markets and increase volume sales.

Last year Sarah Nolet and Dr Christine Pitt launched the national innovation program that is designed to accelerate primary producers in the agtech and food innovation space.

Mrs Aveyard commenced the bootcamp in November 2019 at Sydney and said being a part of F2F was fantastic because it provided fresh eyes to their business.

Her value-add idea for Outback Lamb is sausage rolls, which is currently in its marketing and testing phase. Ms Aveyard is hopeful it can be ready in February 2020.


To get an idea of how successful it might be, the Tullamore producers created sausages for Dubbo's Beers to the Bush festival in 2019.

"Everyone loved them and that's what kicked us off (with the idea)," Mrs Aveard explained.

When the time came to discuss doing a value-add product Mrs Aveyard, together with her business partner and husband, Bill explored different options, but decided sausage rolls would be more workable.

What they hope to launch this year is different to the ones consumers tasted at the Dubbo festival, because they wanted to go preservative free and have a more natural product .

"And focus on those artisan qualities that we have with Outback Lamb with paddock to plate and the freshness that comes with that....," Mrs Aveyard said.

Applications are now open for the second F2F Ideas Program, which is designed to help primary producers work out if their business idea is worth pursuing.

Ms Aveyard said the Ideas Program would give producers with a good idea the support needed.

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