EvokeAg will see Cumnock farmer showcase his startup business

Cumnock farmer and founded of Pairtree Hamish Munro. Photo: Supplied.
Cumnock farmer and founded of Pairtree Hamish Munro. Photo: Supplied.

Fifth generation farmer and founder of an innovative farm data tool, Hamish Munro will showcase his startup business at an upcoming agri-food tech event in Melbourne.

EvokeAg will be held in Melbourne between February 18-19, and Mr Munro, along with the 37 other startups, will demonstrate how technology and innovation is helping to address global challenges facing the agricultural industry.

The farmer, who is based in Cumnock, founded Pairtree about 18 months ago, which allows producers to see all data on a single dashboard.

"I could see people were really struggling with technology overload and juggling various apps, software and news, so we developed Pairtree, which is a universal dashboard," he said.

The second annual event will also include a wide range of speakers who are leading the way in the future of food and farm.

While Mr Munro didn't attend the inaugural event, he was aware of its immense positive benefits as it was being supported not only by farmers but ag leaders.


He was excited to attend the 2020 event, saying that because Pairtre was a universal dashboard it gave them a unique business model.

"For Paitree to go down there (to EvokeAg) it's just a really great opportunity to meet up with new ag-tech and to also look at other opportunities trying to deal with the amount of on-farm data making it farmer friendly," Mr Munro explained.

"I see it's really valuable to connect right across.... we're not like most other ag-tech that are solely focused on one issue.

"All we're doing is complimenting data with other data that's related but not connected."

If you would like to find out more information visit evokeag.com

Mr Munro said ag-tech companies are always looking for early adopters of their technology.

""We're always looking for more people to come and have a chat so they can better understand... because it's quite hard for any ag-tech business to know how to best deliver," he said.

"I urge farmers to always have a look and try and work out what could fit."