Goonoo fires now brought under control in latest NSW RFS update

Fires burning in the Goonoo State Forest region are being brought under control according to the latest update from the NSW RFS.

A smaller fire in the Withers Trail area was brought under control recently and has been constrained to a small area, with no properties currently in danger.

"The fire in Withers is currently under control, it's very small and is burning across half a hectare," an RFS spokesperson said.

A second fire burning near Mirri Road, that was believed to have been ignited by a lightning strike in the early afternoon on Wednesday, is in the process of being brought under control by members of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service working in the Goonoo State Forest.

By Thursday, January 23, the fire had spread across 1361 hectares, with that number having doubled since then, but efforts from the RFS and the National Parks and Wildlife Service have stifled the fire.

"The Mirri road fire has burnt across 3208 hectares, it is currently being controlled and there is no immediate threat presented to properties," the RFS spokesperson said.

Support from 737 air tankers is assisting those on the ground who are monitoring the fires.

"Aviation support is working in tandem with the responsible agency to mop up and patrol fire ground, there are no RFS on scene, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service are handling operations there and there is no clear threat present at this time."

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