Rural Aid counsellor says we all carry yesterdays burdens

Rural Aid counsellor Gary Bentley (pictured) says we all carry yesterdays burdens. Photo: Supplied
Rural Aid counsellor Gary Bentley (pictured) says we all carry yesterdays burdens. Photo: Supplied

It took a lot of yesterdays to get us to today and yet it only takes today to get us to tomorrow.

That makes today important...certainly more important in the grand scheme of things than so many of those yesterdays.

We all carry the burden of our yesterdays; our bad decisions; wrong choices and regretted mistakes.

But we also carry the value of lessons learned, of wisdom gained and common sense hard-earned.

Neither should be ignored but a reasoned balance is essential. By concentrating on the negative we risk damaging the promise of the future.

A similar outcome is likely if we become blinded by our own positive self image.

That puts the focus on today...the here and now. A decision made today can help erase the errors of the past and point our lives in a fresh, new direction.

We are in a unique position. The dawn of every new day brings with it the opportunity for re- invention...a clean start...the chance to put things right.


The choice is ours and the rewards can be immense and life-changing.

And the good news is that the decisions we make today don't have to be monumental.

The changes need not be dramatic. It's essential though that they are positive; that they are solid building blocks. When enough of those blocks are put together a new solid structure is the result.

Today is a unique opportunity. Tomorrow will be another. If we commit to becoming a little better every day we will be investing in our future and the futures of those around us.

And if we find the going tough we should never be reluctant to ask for assistance.

There is nothing we are going through now, nothing we have confronted in the past and nothing waiting in our future that is without precedent. Everything is merely variations on a theme.

Consequently we can learn a lot from others who have the benefit of experience. Help is always at hand.